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Being there for all the family

North Devon Hospice provides free care and support to patients and their families who are faced with the impact of a life-limiting illness. We believe in being there for all the family. Our doctors, nurses, counsellors and therapists can offer what is needed at such a difficult time in the life of the patient and their family.

We deliver support and care across North Devon and Torridge.  Since 1984 the majority of our care continues to be delivered in peoples homes.  We cover one of the largest catchment areas of any hospice in the UK, all the way from Lynton to Holsworthy, reaching many towns, villages and hamlets in-between.


Care Quality Commission rating

"They have been fantastic. They have transformed my life in 24 hours" - Patient A

"When I first went in I thought a celebrity had walked in, but they were talking to me!" - Patient B

North Devon Hospice was one of the first in the South West to receive the new, much more rigorous inspection from the Care Quality Commission. The report, which is available to read by clicking the link above, is full of glowing praise for the care provided by North Devon Hospice. We were particularly pleased to hear how all patients and families (chosen at random by the inspectors) said such amazing things about the level of care they received. The inspectors picked up on three procedural issues during their entire visit. Unfortunately, this meant the maximum score they could award us in 2 of the 5 assesment categories was 'Requires Improvement'. In addition, despite scoring 'Good' in 3 of the 5 categories, any health care provider which scores 'Requires Improvement' in 2 or more categories can receive no higher mark than this as their overall rating.

The CQC report was given to us on 11th June 2016, and already the three procedural issues have been addressed. Namely, we have updated the drug chart we use to a more standardised version, adressed how we store the training certificates of our nurses, and improved the flexibility of meal times for patients on the Bedded Unit.

Our committment to quality care is absolute. We look forward to another visit from the CQC within the next year, and look forward to receiving a rating that truly reflects the experience of patients and families in our care. We encourage you to read the full report to hear how both the inspectors and our patients spoke in glowing terms about the care provided by the hospice.



North Devon Hospice is also part of the nationwide care-rating service called 'I Want Great Care'. This is a place where anyone who has experienced our care and support can leave a review of their experiences. We encourage people to give feedback in this way, as it helps us continually improve our services. We are delighted to have a 5-star rating on this site from hundreds of reviews, which tells us what a huge difference our care makes to local people. Please visit www.iwantgreatcare.org to submit your feedback. Thank you.


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