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Hospice to Home

Specialist care and support for crisis intervention

Hospice to Home

The vast majority of people we meet tell us they would prefer to spend their final days at home and our Hospice to Home team are here to support those wishes where possible.

The Hospice to Home team offer end-of-life care and support for patients and their carers in their own home. The team travel the length and breadth of North Devon, visiting people at home, to provide round the clock care at the end of someone’s life. This can mean extra support for carers at such a difficult time; it can also mean that family and carers can have more opportunity to spend meaningful time with the person who is unwell.

"She wanted to stay at home with us.  After so many appointments, it was nice to just be and be together"

Service description

Our team of Multi-Skilled Healthcare Assistants provide practical hands on end-of-life care and support in the community, caring and supporting patients in their own home or other place of care. Our skilled carers can provide round the clock care for up to 72 hours, helping to prevent an unnecessary admission to hospital, especially if someone’s symptoms change. This service supports people to spend their final days and hours at home, often surrounded by family and friends.

How to be referred

To be referred to any of our services please ask your GP or District Nurse for a referral. For patients requiring the Hospice to Home service, it is likely your District Nurse will speak to patients or family members about the service at a time when it is needed.

Service delivery

This service is delivered in the homes of our patients throughout the community.