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We provide free care and support for people who are affected by cancer and other life-limiting illnesses
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Enhanced Communication Skills (One day)

Enhanced Communication Skills (One day)

The study day aims to facilitate and enhance the personal and professional development of health and care professionals across all care settings engaged in palliative care through developing communication skills. Enabling those working in those settings to feel more confident in having difficult conversations about living well until the point of death, with both the ill person and their carers.


Develop confidence in opening and maintaining a conversation at end of life which facilitates the person to make their own decisions and plans, whilst knowing how best to respond to unexpected questions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding communication barriers and how to overcome them

  • Enhancing skills of active listening

  • Enabling effective use of questions to open and maintain conversation

  • Increasing awareness of non-verbal communication

 Dates for 2018: 

  • Thursday 26th July 
  • Thursday 22nd November

 Booking terms and conditions can be found below, please familiarise yourselves with these before reserving your place on this Study Day.


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