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We provide free care and support for people who are affected by cancer and other life-limiting illnesses
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Outreach Training

Outreach Training

The programme covers the following topics:

1. Lost for words; managing difficult conversations 

2. Emotional impact of loss and grief

3. Working with the Mental Capacity Act 

4. Supporting individuals with their advance care planning

5. Holistic care of the dying person 

6. A Human Rights approach to end of life care 

Our Outreach education programme is designed specifically for those providing
care in health, social care and community settings. The aim of this fully-subsidised by North Devon Hospice programme is to build on your understanding of the principles and practices of end of life care, helping you to feel more confident in supporting patients and families at this very sensitive time.

There are no entry requirements for these sessions.



1-4.30pm Outreach Training - Barnstaple - Supporting individuals with their advance care planning
 Wednesday  13-Mar-19  1-4.30pm  Outreach Training - Barnstaple - Assessing mental capacity
Wednesday 20-Mar-19 1-4.30pm Outreach Training - Barnstaple - Lost for words
Wednesday 27-Mar-19 1-4.30pm Outreach Training - Barnstaple - Human Rights
Wednesday 24-Apr-19 1-4.30pm Outreach Training - Barnstaple - Emotional impact of loss and grief
Thursday 04-Jul-19 1-4.30pm Outreach Training - Barnstaple - Holistic care of the dying person

Booking terms and conditions follow below, please familiarise yourselves with these before reserving your place on these Outreach Training session.











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