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Show your support for local people in their hour of need by making a donation here. Your contribution will provide vital care to people right here in North Devon. Thank you. 

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Fun ways to support North Devon Hospice from your home




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Since we've all been facing the coronavirus pandemic it can feel harder to fundraise. It's not so easy get together, but there are still loads of fun things we can do to support the patients and families being cared for by our North Devon Hospice and keep safe.

We've already seen some great ideas, but we know that you are really creative. We're excited to see what else you might do at home to support local people who are facing a life-limiting illnesses during these unimaginably tough times.

We would love to hear what you're planning, and to support you in any way we can. Call us on 01271 344248 or email and we'll give you as much support, help and advice as possible.


Keep reading for fundraising inspiration...


Celebrate and support

Do you have a special occasion coming up whilst you’re at home? It’s so fantastic to see supporters sharing their special day and using it as an opportunity to support local patients, by asking for donations instead of cards and presents. We would love to hear about your celebration, so please let us know. You can encourage people to donate by easily setting up a Facebook fundraiser.


Donate your drive

For those of us who are working from home, donate what you are saving from not having to drive. By doing this, you will be making sure that the hospice community nurses can travel across North Devon to see patients, at a time when they will be feeling more isolated and alone than ever. By donating your drive you will be making sure no one has to feel alone.


Take on a Challenge

Learn to knit, climb a mountain up your stairs, complete a crossword a day for a month, hold a dance-off, grow something in your garden or run a mile a day until you’ve completed your own marathon. Whatever your challenge, set up your Justgiving page and share your progress on social media (along with the link to your page) so that your friends and family can sponsor you for your efforts.

You could also challenge your friends! See who can do the most reps of squats, lunges or press ups! Film your efforts, or use apps like Zoom/Whatsapp/House Party to do it via a big video call. Get them to donate for taking part and give a prize to the winner. 


Night in for North Devon Hospice

Use Netflix Party to hold your own film night. You and your friends can donate what you would have spent on cinema tickets.

Host a dinner party evening in our aid over the internet via Skype or Zoom, with everyone sharing images of their own posh dinner. Your guests simply pay a small ‘corkage fee’ to your fundraising page to take part. It doesn’t have to be an evening event. You could also hold a Coffee Morning or Big Breakfast with friends and donate what you would have spent if you’d gone to a café. Simply use a group video chat to feel like you're doing it together.


Bake-Off challenge

Ask friends and family to use the same household ingredients to create their own masterpiece. You set the ingredients and choose the winner, they donate to enter! 'The Big Bake' (the live version of Bake Off) are even uploading short videos showing you how to make simple and delicious treats using what you've got in your cupboards. Check it out!...


Host a virtual auction

There must be items around your house you could auction off to raise some funds. Or for even more fun, why not auction off some services that you could provide? You could even ask friends or family to donate items or services to your charity auction.

You can use Facebook Live to stream your auction live, using the comments section for bids. Or, if you want to use eBay to auction physical items, you can select so that the proceeds from the sale go directly to North Devon Hospice. Easy!


Raise money by shopping!

If you shop online (and let's face it, most of us do!) you could be raising money for North Devon Hospice at no extra cost to you. Simply visit take a look at our Shop and Support page to find out more! Shopping via Amazon Smile or Give as you Live you'll see exactly the same range of goods to buy, but the store will make a donation to your chosen charity for every purchase. Simply select North Devon Hospice and shop as usual. The funds will come directly to the charity.


‘Guess the baby’

Collect baby photos from friends or colleagues and charge £1-£2 to match names to faces – with a prize to the person who gets the most right.


Scavenger hunt or online Treasure hunt

Charge an entry fee and set your friends a scavenger hunt to find a list of things around their home. A paper clip, a magazine, elastic band, something that’s yellow… the possibilities are endless. Or you can set them a virtual route on google maps with cryptic clues to find their way!


Quiz Night

A great way to catch up with your friends. Get a team together to join in with our fortnightly facebook quiz. Or write your own quiz and charge friends to have it emailed over to them.


There's much, much more you can do, so get creative. Hopefully this has helped give you some inspiration, and we look forward to hearing your fundraising plans. In the meantime stay safe and wishing all our supporters well.

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Community Fundraiser

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