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Show your support for local people in their hour of need by making a donation here. Your contribution will provide vital care to people right here in North Devon. Thank you. 

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Virtual Mountain Climb Challenge

Virtual Mountain Climb Challenge

At a glance

We've got a mountain to climb, together we can conquer it!


You can take on this challenge whenever you like, and spread the stair climbs over as long as you need


Your home


Anyone wanting to achieve something meaningful during lockdown



Watch a Facebook Live video, which will start here at 8pm on Friday 17th July, all about Fundraising for the hospice (video also available afterwards):


Due to the impact of coronavirus, we've got a mountain to climb. Together we can conquer it, and make sure all local people get the care and support they need throughout these tough times.


What is it?

Climb the stairs in your home enough times to scale the height of a famous mountain! Raise sponsorship for North Devon Hospice and help us with the mountain we've got to climb, after the impact of coronavirus.

It's easy to get started:

1 - Sign up for free
2 - Choose your mountain from the list below
3 - Measure the height of your stairs (to work out how many climbs you'll have to climb them)
4 - Set up a Virgin Money Giving page (details below) and share it on social media so people can sponsor you
5 - Start climbing! 

You don't have to do your climbing all in one go, you can spread it over a week or longer. You could even take it on as a team. But every time you climb those stairs, you'll be getting closer to the top of the mountain, and every time you share your progress people will donate and help you reach your fundraising target too. 

Every pound raised will help local people who are facing an incurable illness, or the loss of a loved one. These people rely on the care of North Devon Hospice, but the coronavirus means the ability to raise funds has dropped dramatically. So we've got a mountain to climb, but we can get there together.


The Climbs

This is an amazing way to support the hospice by achieving something special, in the safety of your own home. Set yourself a target that's right for you, and choose which mountain you want to conquer:

- Dunkery Beacon, Exmoor's highest peak, 520m (approx 179 stair climbs)
- Ben Nevis, UK's highest peak, 1,345m (approx 491 stair climbs)
- Mont Blanc, Europe's highest peak, 4,810m (approx 1,756 stair climbs)
- Mount Everest, World's highest peak, 8,848m (approx 3,229 stair climbs)

The approximate number of times you’d need to climb a flight of stairs is based on the average height of a set of stairs in the UK as being 20cm and the average flight of stairs containing 13 steps.



Not only will you achieve something incredible, which you can look back on after the lockdown and be proud of. You will also be raising funds to help those who are most isolated in our community right now.

People facing an incurable illness, or facing the loss of someone they love, are facing the toughest time of their lives. It's a time when they need their family and friends the most, but of course that's not possible right now, at least not in the same way. The care of the hospice therefore becomes even more vital during these times.

The demand for North Devon Hospice's care has understandably gone up in the last few weeks, but all our fundraising events have had to be cancelled and our charity shops have had to close.

That's why your support is needed, so we can climb this mountain together, and help those in North Devon who are most vulnerable.



Once you've decided to climb a mountain in your own home, raising funds will be easy. People will not only be impressed by your efforts, but also inspired to support the cause, because of how vital frontline hospice care is right now.

Simply click the button below to set up your online giving page. It takes just a couple of minutes, then you can share the link with your friends and followers on social media.

Keep sharing the link every time you've done a climbing session. Update social media with your progress and that will motivate you to keep going, and motivate your friend and family to keep giving. You'll hit your target in no time.

Set up your online giving page

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We've also set up a Facebook group for all those who are taking part. You can share hints and tips from your mountain climb challenge, share your progress and give each other encouragement. Click the button below to join.

Join the Facebook group

You can also download your own special climbing tally. This lets you keep track of how many flights of stairs you've climbed, and how close you are to your target. You could print this off and keep it at the top of the stairs, ready to make a mark each time you reach the top. Or you could use Paint, Publisher or Photoshop on your computer to digitally update it each day with how many stairs you've climbed and how much you've raised. Click the button below to download your own climb tally. 

Download your climb tally



Can we help?

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