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Professional and personal development

Professional and personal development

Supporting our staff and volunteers

The hospice is committed to training and development for all staff.

We recognise that, in order to achieve excellence in patient care and to meet our strategic and operational objectives, all staff and volunteers, regardless of grade or professional background, need to have access to personal and professional development opportunities to develop and maintain their skills and knowledge base. 

Induction Programme and training for new staff and volunteers: A personalised induction programme is developed for all new employees and volunteers, including information, history and philosophy of North Devon Hospice, Health and Safety, Human Resources and IT, as well as an induction specific to the role. There is also often an opportunity to meet staff and volunteers from across the hospice as you settle into your role.

Probation Period: All new staff have a 6 month probation period with reviews at months 2 and 4, in addition to regular 1:1s with their manager. The aim of this is to allow the new employee to assess their own suitability for the role with the benefit of first-hand experience.  This time allows you to settle into your new role, with support from your line manager.

All volunteers have a review with their manager during their induction period.  This ensures the volunteer has a clear understanding of their role, how they are contributing to the organisation and making sure they are in the right role.

Training: All new staff and volunteers at the hospice will receive learning and development through statutory training which provides an overview on topics such as Equality and Diversity, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Health and Safety. This training is then repeated 3-yearly for staff and volunteers. We use an online training portal to allow staff and volunteers to access the training at a time that suits them and there may also be the opportunity to attend other training workshops and courses that are relevant to your role; interest in such courses can be identified at reviews, 1:1s or throughout the working year by staff, volunteers and their managers.

Professional Development: In addition to significant event reviews and learning points, professional development is supported where it has arisen out of specifically identified organisational, department or team needs and can include conferences, academic courses, formal short courses, online learning, secondments or placements, coaching and mentoring.

The Hospice Academy: All staff have access to a wide range of free online learning opportunities through our Hospice Academy.  This include topics from Wellbeing and Personal Development courses to Leadership and Management. Volunteers can also access this through their line managers.

Recognising Achievements: Our aim is to understand how best to support each individual in their development to reach their full potential.  We have a ‘light touch’ quarterly review process that recognises the achievements of our staff and, whilst acknowledging that we all have our own aspirations about work-life and careers, explores where each individual is currently in their working life, where they want to be, and how to get there – or to simply identify and maximise how they are currently performing.  This is supported by an individual development plan.

Volunteers also have a review, which gives the opportunity for us to acknowledge their contribution and achievements and to identify any skills, training or information that is needed. The review also provides the opportunity for the manager to update the volunteer on the policies, procedures and guidelines relevant to their role and ensure their eLearning is up to date.

Leadership Development Programme: Our leadership development programme is designed to equip managers with fundamental leadership needed to lead their teams.  This includes topics such as the psychology of leadership, appreciative inquiry, the learning mindset, emotional intelligence, communication, understanding change, coaching and mentoring and people management skills.