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Education & Training

Education & Training

Education & Training for Health Care Providers

Our education department are delivering the following sessions over the current academic year:


Our Education sessions can be booked via Eventbrite please click here 

Please follow us on Eventbrite and new courses will be emailed to you when they are added. 


Advanced Syringe Driver and Palliative Care Emergencies

This is a course for registered professionals who set up and administer syringe drivers for end of life care. We will be providing advanced knowledge of syringe driver medication including the conversion of medication for a syringe driver. By the end of this session you will also be able to recognise and know how to respond to a palliative emergency.


Recognising Dying and Non-Pharmacological Symptom Management

How to recognise dying and the 5 priorities of care. To increase knowledge of non-pharmacological symptom management for all aspects of palliative care, improve confidence when caring for a palliative care patient and understanding the importance of non-pharmacological treatments within palliative care.


Verification of Expected Death

To gain a knowledge of verification of expected adult death and understand when you can verify a death and when you cannot. To assist with becoming familiar with the procedure, the paperwork used for verification and gain confidence in the practical aspect of verification.


BD Bodyguard Syringe Driver Training

Understanding how to set up a syringe driver safely and fixing common issues that occur. Help on becoming familiar with the paperwork related to syringe drivers.


Advance Care Planning and Patient Centred Care

To understand what advance care planning is alongside the importance of advance care planning and patient centred care. To gain confidence in discussing advance care planning with patients & relatives and documenting advance care planning decisions.


Pharmacological Symptom Management 

To expand knowledge of the treatment of breathlessness, secretions, pain, nausea and vomiting in addition to enhancing knowledge of treatment of confusion and agitation.


Enhancing Communication Skills in End of Life Care

Identify barriers to communication in end of life situations and core facilitative skills. Explore skills and techniques to support safe practice in a variety of healthcare situations using verbal and non verbal communication to overcome barriers.


Teaching Skills for Registered Staff (2 day course) 

Gain knowledge and understanding of principles of learning theories and styles. Have the opportunity to practice, review and reflect on teaching experiences and develop confidence and skills in a variety of approaches to teaching and learning. Plan and prepare a teaching session including a lesson plan, aims and objectives with appropriate evaluation processes. You will be required to deliver a short teaching session on the second day, therefore you will need to allocate planning time between the two taught sessions.


Care Champion Training 

Enhance knowledge on how to promote best practice and understanding of learning styles. Develop confidence and skills in approaches to teaching and learning to support learners within your role.


We also deliver clinical skills training for our staff i.e. catheterisation – if you are interested in further information on clinical skills training, please contact