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One Day at a Time


All of us in the Supportive Care team hope you find something inspiring and helpful on these One Day at a Time web pages and we send our very best wishes to each and every one of you.

October has come.  Jumpers are on.  We humans take practical steps to respond to autumn, to find warmth and refuge from the cold wind.

And all around the world, people are having to respond to the ever changing situation of the pandemic.  Every day, leaders are re-evaluating and making decisions about what we should do for the best, how we should prepare for what might happen next, and all this against a background of differing opinions, agendas, uncertainty and the unknown.

Many of us are describing feeling very weary.  Bombarded with news and information, we try and ‘get our heads round’ the complexity of what is happening in our world.  In the face of all that, where is safety, peace and rest to be found?

Exploring this question may lead you to shift your attention from the external world and thinking about what we should do, to discover what happens when you turn your attention inward.  Losing your focus on the outside, you become aware of your own presence, your ‘being-ness’.  This is difficult to describe in words, yet is common to all.  Maybe in these challenging times we will re-discover the depth, stillness, safety and peace of coming home to ourselves, of simply being.

It would be so wonderful if you could share your own insights and experiences with us in whatever form you choose.  Pictures, doodles, poems and ramblings are welcome!  Please send them to

With love and very clean hands,