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One Day at a Time

A huge smile and hello to every single one of you from all of us in the Supportive Care team.

August has arrived, the brambles are flowering and tiny acorns are forming on the grand oaks.  As the seasons roll on, we wonder how everyone is doing in the changing landscape of this new world.  The challenging effects of the global pandemic continue to relentlessly unfold and yet at the same time there seems to be a growing awareness and expression of kindness and love.  Maybe in times of difficulty we have the opportunity to see more clearly what is truly important.

Each of us is unique, with different perceptions, life experiences and circumstances; but what is common to us all is that we are a part of one human family.  This essence, of simply being human, is what unites us.  Tasting the truth of this can touch our hearts, lift our spirits and guide us home.


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