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One Day at a Time

A very warm welcome to the May edition of One Day at a Time.

Tight buds of spring are unfurling. Maybe this is a time of opening. Opening our hearts.

Notice how we respond to the daily images of war and violence. How often do they trigger thoughts and words of condemnation and blame? Aren’t these the very weapons that harden our hearts and make us capable of such hate and destruction?


So, just as the beauty of nature can move us, so too does the suffering we see. Maybe it is time for each one of us to open up and pay attention to the silent language of the heart and its tears of tenderness for the world. 


We want to encourage you to take a moment to be quiet and see whether this resonates with you. We would love to share your responses, thoughts and experiences through these pages, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
We also hope you find something in this month's offerings that will nourish and inspire you.

With love to everyone out there,

Our new One Day at a Time Facebook Group is exclusively for people that North Devon Hospice are currently supporting. If you would like to join CLICK HERE or you can find the group by visiting the North Devon Hospice Facebook page.