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Hospice is finalist for national Third Sector Excellence award

Hospice nominated for national Third Sector excellence award

Nomination comes from annual report that told the story of a patient journey

North Devon Hospice has been nominated for a national Third Sector Excellence award, for producing an annual report that tells the story of a family facing a life-limiting illness.

The Third Sector Excellence Awards recognise outstanding practice among all 160,000 charities and voluntary organisations in the UK, and are the most prestigious awards in the entire sector. North Devon Hospice has been nominated in the Best Annual Report category, for our ‘Meet Bob’ publication. It tells the story of a fictional character named Bob, who is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. It follows the progress of Bob and his family as they are supported by hospice services right through their journey, including after Bob has died and his family are supported throughout their bereavement.

Stephen Roberts, Chief Executive of North Devon Hospice, said it was designed as a way of explaining just how much support the hospice can offer, in an accessible and easy-to-understand way. “One of the biggest challenged facing North Devon Hospice is communicating just how much care and support we give to local patients and families. We really are there every step of the way, from diagnosis right the way through to bereavement, and our care extends to the whole family including children. But not everyone in North Devon knows this and we wanted to create an annual report that was different and that made people understand the impact of our care on local people. We’re very proud of ‘Meet Bob’ and it is no surprise to me that this bit of work is being recognised on a national level.”

The story is told in colourful illustrations and, while the actual family is fictional, Stephen said that it is based upon the care provided every day by the hospice. “There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ journey when we’re talking about a life-limiting illness. But one thing is for sure, North Devon Hospice’s care and support being available when and where it is needed. In the story of Bob, he and his family access a whole range of services, both at the hospice and at home. We see this amazing care being provided every day, so this was a great way to showcase it to the North Devon community.”

He added, “It is a really unique and creative way of showing how families can benefit from hospice care, breaking down some of the misconceptions that still exist. The end of life is just as important as the beginning, and should be just as easy for us to talk about. So we are very proud of the fact we’ve created an annual report which shows that a ‘good death’ is possible and that the hospice is here to support local families every step of the way during the toughest of times.”

Read ‘Meet Bob’ here