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Friends Groups

Friends groups

Getting together with others to support the hospice

Could you support us by forming a Friends Group in your area? Or would you like to join one that is already running near you?

Get together with friends, family, neighbours or colleagues and you could become involved in a whole host of activities to support the work of North Devon Hospice. It could be anything from lending a hand at our events, organising your own small-scale fundraising activities, distributing collection tins to local businesses or representing the hospice in your own community.

It is a great way to do something different together, and all for a very worthy cause. Friends Groups, and the support of the community, are vital to North Devon Hospice. We rely on the generosity of local people to provide our essential care to patients and families. So by getting involved, you will be making a real difference to those affected by cancer and other life-limiting illnesses.

The time commitment for being part of a Friends Group is totally flexible, you can do as much as you like, when you like. And there needn't be any formality to proceedings either. It is all about like-minded people getting together to do some good in their local community.

If you have a small group of people who could become a Friends Group for North Devon Hospice, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Likewise, if you would like to join an existing Friends Group in North Devon, please get in touch.

Here are two examples of Friends Groups running locally, both of which do things in their own way, but have a lot of fun doing it!

Riverside Support Group:

This Friends Group is an excellent example of how you can raise funds, put on events that the community love, and enjoy yourself at the same time! The group has their own logo which appears on all their posters, flyers and publicity materials, so that local people know that the event will be well run and good fun. The hospice help the group with things like poster design and other requirements for their event, but they use their own organising skills and local contacts to create fantastic events. As well as hosting events, the group do so much more to support the work of the hospice, including volunteering at fundraising events and collecting at busy locations such as supermarkets.

The Riverside Support Group are quite traditional in the fact that they have a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, but the whole group are good friends and they enjoy getting together in each other's company whilst doing some good in their community.

South Molton Support Group:

The South Molton Support Group are a relatively new group and have formed in order to help the hospice in their area in a number of ways. Again, it is a great way of socialising, and the South Molton group have certainly found that since coming together. They also have their own logo so people can see what they are up to in the town with their various events and fundraising initiatives. This is something the hospice can help with if any new groups are formed in North Devon.

You can also see an example of a poster for one of their events. Quiz nights, Bingo evenings and Karaoke nights are simple but effective ways of giving people a good time whilst raising money. As well as supporting North Devon Hospice with their fundraising activities, the South Molton Group also help out with collections in their local area.