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Show your support for local people in their hour of need by making a donation here. Your contribution will provide vital care to people right here in North Devon. Thank you. 

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eBay for charity

eBay for charity

Next time you sell an item on eBay, why not donate some of the proceeds to the hospice?

Something as simple as selling items on eBay can help support the work of North Devon Hospice. The world's most popular auction site brings buyers and sellers together from across the world and allows you to make money from selling your unwanted goods or collectibles.

The good news is that you can now sell goods on eBay and donate to the hospice at the same time! Sellers can choose to donate between 10% - 100% of the final sale price to their chosen charity (a minimum £2 donation applies). What's more, eBay will donate the same percentage of the final value fee! There are over 1,000 charities registered with eBay and North Devon Hospice is one of them.

Ebay For Charity

Please consider donating part of your eBay proceeds to us, and remember, this will be a double bonus for the hospice as eBay will be donating too!

North Devon Hospice eBay shop - We also have an eBay shop where you can find a whole host of items that get donated to us and go up for auction. These are often the really rare, funky, interesting or collectible items. 


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