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Your digital legacy

Your digital legacy

Your digital legacy

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your digital legacy after you die?

Planning ahead for your digital legacy

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your digital legacy after you die? Whether you have content stored on a mobile phone, a laptop hard drive, appear on a website, have content uploaded in a cloud, appear in a video or have photos uploaded online, your online activities can leave a digital footprint. The most common digital trail that most people leave however is on social media, with the most common being via pages of content on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

What are digital assets?

These are things you may have purchased online and stored or available on your digital device or bought and hosted online. These may include photos, videos, music, websites, blogs and eBooks.

Where are my digital assets and digital legacy stored?

These usually sit within two main locations:

  • Online Services (for example websites, social media sites, emails and cloud services)
  • Digital devices (for example, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, hard drives and computers)

When I die who owns my digital assets and digital legacy?

Your digital assets and digital legacy may be owned by you, your beneficiaries and the online services you use. Each online service has its own privacy or end of life policy. It is important to understand the policies for the services that you use in order to know who owns and has access rights to your digital assets and digital legacy.

To find out more so that you can prepare for your digital future, the Digital Legacy Association have created a number of tutorials that address the most popular digital devices and online services that will help to make sure we can plan well. Please visit: