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Ali, a volunteer Complementary Therapist


Providing relaxing treatments for patients and carers

How much time is needed to volunteer?
As much as you feel able to give!  In my case, this is one day a week but there are also training days to add in and also the need to check in before my clinic on the PC to see how people are doing that week and check for any issues….. Also, there are phone calls and emails to deal with on occasion. It’s a variable feast!

What does your role involve?
I provide Bowen Technique to patients and careers.  I am largely responsible for organising my own Clinic through our wonderful manager, who sees to booking the room and relaying any messages that come to her.  I also liaise with other team members as necessary.

What inspired you to become a volunteer?
I had worked at the hospice previously and know what a wonderful service is provided by the team here. I worked with the Volunteers in the Day Hospice and on the Bedded Unit and found them such inspirational people….guess that answers the question…. It’s the people!

Why would you encourage others to become a volunteer?
The experience I have gained from working here as a Volunteer Therapist has been wonderful and I always feel so glad to be here.  The staff, patients and carers really appreciate our efforts.

What is the best part of volunteering?
Feeling like you have made a difference.  Sharing some really special moments makes me aware that there is a lot of good in this world.

What has been your most rewarding experience being a volunteer?
It’s difficult to say…. Just knowing that someone has enjoyed coming and feels they aren’t alone is wonderful, but sometimes I see huge changes in people, either coming to terms with not getting better, or getting better and being able to go out and start living again.  That probably is the most rewarding.

What have you learned since becoming a volunteer?
That I get back more than I give.

Has your perspective changed?

What is your background?
I was a Physio for 30 years and worked at the hospice as such but found my role was becoming less ‘hands on’ so I made a change (or two!).  I have lived in North Devon for 16 years and previously lived in the Brighton area.