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Show your support for local people in their hour of need by making a donation here. Your contribution will provide vital care to people right here in North Devon. Thank you. 

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Living Memories

Living Memories

Giving in memory of a loved one

Celebrate the life of someone special by having a Living Memories fund.

A Living Memories fund is a wonderful way of donating to the hospice in memory of a loved one.  It is a fund in the name of someone special, to which anyone who wants to can contribute and make a donation in their honour. It is also an ongoing way of allowing, friends, family and colleagues to raise funds in the name of that special person who is no longer with us.

People often make contributions to a Living Memories fund around special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or during the Christmas period. But they can make contributions whenever they like. 
It is a fund that we keep open for as long as you want and you can add to the fund whenever you want. Every year we will tell you how much has been raised through the fund, so you can get a real idea of the difference being made in the community, thanks to the Living Memories fund set up in honour of your loved one. It is an ideal way to make a difference over a period of time and to do some vital work in the name of someone special.

For more information about Living Memories funds, or for an informal chat about remembering someone who has died, please contact Robyn Tregaskes using the details on this page.

You can also download the Living Memories leaflet for more information and an application form