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Essential Oil Tips January 2021

Essential Oil Tips January 2021

Lavender Oil

Inhale the aromatic steam while your skin absorbs all the benefits of the oil, during your bath. For adults, add up to 5 drops in 2 tablespoons of bath oil, shower gel or full fat milk and then add to your bath water. For children over 2 years old or adults with sensitive skin, reduce the amount to 2 drops of lavender in 2 tablespoons of bath oil, shower gel or full fat milk.

Inhalation, this technique helps to clear your head and nose. For adults, add 4-6 drops of Lavender oil to mug or bowl of hot water and place nearby, while you sit and relax. The fragrance will fill the room around you, helping relax tired muscles and mind.

You can also use diffusers and oil burners in much the same way, providing a natural air freshener, creating a balancing ambiance and set a mood. For this it is advised to use between 3-5 drops of lavender oil.

Traditionally Lavender oil is used as a soothing, antiseptic essential oil, relaxing the body but use too much and can become a stimulant, giving energy and refreshing the mind.

Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin oil has a fruity scent, with soothing qualities and is expressed from the rind of the fruit. It is a deeply restful and calming oil both for body and mind. And is great for soothing over tired, grouchy children.

Much like Lavender oil it can be added to baths, infusers and burners to aid in relaxation.

Mandarin can be beautifully blended with Lavender, Rose and Chamomile, to reduce stress, anxiety and help with sleep.  It can also be used for children and babies in small qualities, max of 2 drops per 20mls of Bath oil, Shower gel or full fat milk (mixing the oil with bath oil, shower gel or milk, helps the oil disperse properly and protects against any irritation that could occur).

Sleep and relaxation

Create a relaxing space for yourself, an hour before bedtime. Use a diffuser, burner with your favourite scent in your bedroom.  Have muted/soft lighting, avoid looking at phones, tablets or the television for the hour before bed, instead choose reading a book or listening to light relaxing music. Also try and avoid any caffeine up to 2-3 hours before bed, opting for water, herbal tea or decaf drinks.  All these tips will gently relax your body and mind ready for sleep and if you find that your mind won’t shut off with thoughts and stresses, have a note book at your bed side. When the thought comes into mind write it down and then forget about it, as you will be able to address it in the morning, it won’t be forgotten as it is written down.

Little changes can make a big difference, so by only doing one of these things may be the key to having a good restful sleep…so give it a go.