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Mellow Moments with Mandy

Mellow Moments with Mandy

Although it might not be immediately obvious, often the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference – something worth bearing in mind when modern life has us feeling overwhelmed or time-poor.

It might be as simple as having a glass of water instead of that cup of coffee, taking the stairs instead of the lift, listening instead of talking or taking some time for you each day.

Introducing complementary therapies into your life and daily routine, can bring huge benefits both to body and mind. Therapies such as aromatherapy and massage can help physical symptoms such as boosting appetite, coping with pain, improving sleep patterns and managing nausea, along with many others. Emotionally these therapies can provide a way of relaxation and stress relief, a time for self and just to be.

As the name suggests, these therapies can be enjoyed whilst taking conventional medicine, working alongside – complementing each other and bringing great benefit to all.  The team have put together videos, tips and advice that you can follow at home, so you can experience the wonder of complementary therapies. 


Our new One Day at a Time Facebook Group is exclusively for people that North Devon Hospice are currently supporting. If you would like to join CLICK HERE or you can find the group by visiting the North Devon Hospice Facebook page.