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Mellow Moments Summer 2022

Mellow Moments Summer 2022

Mellow Moments

Summer 2022


Hi All,

It’s been a while I know, time has flown by and now the summer is here…well nearlyJ

I wanted to share a wonderful charity that I came across some time ago and have attended many of their conferences during the last couple of years.

Yes to Life; Your options with Cancer.

Yes to life empowers people with cancer to make informed decisions about their care options. For well over a decade, they have provided evidence-based information to those in need. Most importantly, they offer support through a helpline, their website, publications and blogs, and connecting people to a wide range of specialist therapies and practitioners.

Yes to life with cancer was founded by Robin Daly after his daughter Bryony had cancer at a young age. Robin found he was constantly searching for advice, information to support her from diet to exercise. Being pre-internet this was hugely difficult and time consuming, thankfully time has moved forward and the internet holds much information and at times too much. This is where Robin and his team come in, they have collected, sorted and most of all verified the information, so those using the site can be reassured the advice is accurate.

Yes to Life with Cancer, looks at Integrative Medicine, what’s this I hear you ask? Well integrative medicine is the judicious combining of conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, with lifestyle and complementary therapies, to broaden your choices, increase your engagement and improve quality of life.  It’s the ‘best of both worlds’ scenario that has its roots in the patient perspective.

I have particularly found their dietary advice really interesting in relation with chemotherapy treatments. How we can protect our gut, promote good recovery and weight maintenance, with simple changes.

So why not have a look at their website and explore their resources.

Some simple changes may make the quality of your days so much more.

Helpline; 0870 163 2990


Best wishes

Mandy x