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Show your support for local people in their hour of need by making a donation here. Your contribution will provide vital care to people right here in North Devon. Thank you. 

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Why volunteer?

Why volunteer

The benefits of volunteering with North Devon Hospice

We are so grateful for every hour that our army of volunteers gives to us. We know that time is the most precious commodity someone can give, so anyone wanting to volunteer for the hospice is making a true commitment. However, it is important to us that volunteers also gain as much as they give.


We feel it is essential to invest in our volunteers, to ensure they are happy and continue to lend their valuable time, so we ensure that volunteering at North Devon Hospice provides more than the usual benefits.

Thorough induction programme
Each new volunteer is not simply thrown in at the deep end and told to get on with it. They will be welcomed into the fold gradually, with the opportunity to understand how the whole charity operates and where they might lend a hand.

Full training
When someone is lending their time, we will ensure it is put to best use, so each volunteer will attend annual training days which cover a range of topics that are relevant to everyone in the charity. There will also be bespoke training provided for whatever role you may be undertaking (such as AA driver training for volunteer drivers).

Learning new skills
You may come to us with existing skills that will be of great benefit, but one of the things our volunteers most enjoy is being able to learn new skills. This comes from having the opportunity to take on roles that you haven't had much experience in and from working with our specialist team of staff and other volunteers, which will allow you to develop new skills. We also provide training programmes and sometimes even certificated qualifications to make sure you have the skills needed to do your voluntary role to the best of your ability.

Many people come to North Devon Hospice when they are looking for practical experience in a certain area of work. This could be to enhance their CV or to get a better understanding of working life in a particular discipline. Because the hospice has such a wide range of roles (from marketing to care and everything in between) we offer lots of opportunities for professional development and experience.

Providing support to our volunteers is paramount to us. Whether that is the regular support given by staff to ensure all volunteers are coping with the more challengeing aspects of their role, or our regular Pilates classes to aid relaxation and flexibility.

Giving back to the community
Every hour you spend volunteering for North Devon Hospice will make a difference to local people in a very real way. Whether you're helping us to raise funds to spend on care, helping with the behind-the-scenes work that makes our care possible, or taking an active part in the delivery of care, every volunteering opportunity makes a difference to people right here in North Devon. It may be your neighbour, friend or family member who needs our support. Volunteering helps make a difference right on your doorstep.