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We provide free care and support for people who are affected by cancer and other life-limiting illnesses
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Hospice seeks young Trustee

Hospice seeks young trustee

Could you help drive our charity forward?

The hospice is seeking a dynamic and exceptional young person to join their Board of Trustees, to bring a youthful perspective and help the charity engage with younger generations.


The hospice’s Board of Trustees govern the charity and set the future strategy, which is why having someone young join the team will give the charity an extra advantage, according to Chairman, Kevin Underwood. “We want to increase our diversity by inviting a young person to join us, because the role of the trustees is to look into the future and decide where we want the charity to go. So having someone to represent and engage with the younger generation will help us respond to the challenges charities face in the 21st century.” he said. “Only 2% of charities have a young trustee on their Board, so this appointment reflects our innovative approach to running the organisation, making sure we are always looking to the future and keeping ahead of the curve.”


Applicants in their 20’s are encouraged to apply. There will be significant benefits for the successful applicant, including personal development, enhancing skills, gaining experience and improving their CV. No previous board experience is necessary, as the young trustee will be actively mentored and will have the full support of the rest of the board.


“In all of our trustees we look for great interpersonal skills, a passion for the work of the hospice, sound judgement and a commitment to quality. We’re looking for an exceptional young person, but the right candidate will also be mentored so they can play an active part on the board.” said Kevin. “It’s an opportunity to increase networking opportunities and develop a range of skills and experiences. They will play an important role in one of the region’s leading charities, gaining a unique insight into all aspects of an important and complex organisation. Ultimately, your input will help North Devon Hospice progress, as we care for an ever-increasing number of local people affected by the impact of a life-limiting illness. This is a very responsible and challenging position, requiring real commitment and dedication, through which comes considerable rewards and satisfaction.”


North Devon Hospice’s trustees serve on a voluntary basis, with six full trustee meetings a year, additional committee meetings, plus a supporting role as an ambassador of the charity. A young trustee will help increase the charity’s understanding, connection and engagement with young people.


“One of the main challenges is that young people would not know how to go about becoming a trustee, which is why we are actively promoting our search for a young board member.” said Kevin. “A board’s strength lies in its collective skills, experience and diversity. Our charity will benefit from the talent, passion and thinking of a new generation who are not only keen to learn but also to make a real difference in their community.” said Kevin. “Those cared for by North Devon Hospice, as well as those who support the charity, come from all age groups. So having the younger generation represented at board level will really help us connect with people who will be both beneficiaries and supporters of the hospice for years to come. Anyone interested is welcome to get in touch for further information and an informal chat.”


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