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North Devon goes commando in this tough assault course challenge


Start: Sunday, October 14, 2018

End: Sunday, October 14, 2018


North Molton Sports Ground, EX36 3HG

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Anyone 16+


£30 (early bird)

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Get ready for the toughest 10k you will ever experience. A commando-style course filled with real challenges. You will be tested by mud, fire, water, ice and a range of assault course obstacles you'll need to conquer in order to call yourself an 'Unbreakable.'

Mission:Unbreakable redefines the traditional 'mud run' obstacle course by adding in a large measure of military. That's because the course has been designed with the help of Commando Engineers from 24 Commando Engineer Regiment, based at RMB Chivenor. They will be on hand to lead you through a Commando warm-up, whilst also providing plenty of encouragement around the course.
Check out the film below from last year's event, to get a taste of what's in store, or browse the photos on our facebook album:

North Molton Sports Centre, EX36 3HG.
Mission:Unbreakable takes place on a specially designed 10km course, which goes through fields, rivers and forests. The terrain is rugged with plenty of hills and mud to make it even tougher. The start and finish point will be North Molton Sports Club, where you can shower after your challenge and enjoy some well-earned refreshment with your fellow 'Unbreakables', specially prepared by army chefs in our field kitchen.

This is not a timed event or a race in any way. This is about surviving the toughness of the course together, helping each other out, and enjoying this unique opportunity to take on such a challenge. There will be obstacles which you can't conquer alone, so stick with others to make sure you get a helping hand when you need it, and make sure you offer the same encouragement to fellow competitors. None of the obstacles are compulsory, and no one will force you to do anything you are not comfortable with. But as this is a day to push yourself to the limits, we are sure you will want to have a really good crack at everything put in front of you.

Last year we were joined by Jamie Jewitt, the model and star of ITV's Love Island. Here's what he thought of the course:

Your motivation:
Mission:Unbreakable, should you choose to accept it, is a test of mind and body. It raises vital funds for North Devon Hospice, helping us care for local people affected by cancer and other life-limiting illnesses. As a local charity, we can only do this thanks to your support through events like this. It will be a mammoth task, so you will find people very willing to sponsor you for your efforts. We'll also send you a tip sheet, with loads of easy ways to hit your target (you can even make a donation yourself if you find it hard to ask for sponsorship).

There is a suggested minimum target of £50, and every pound raised from Mission:Unbreakable will help North Devon Hospice care for local people right here in your local community. You can hit this target either by raising sponsorship, by holding a small fundraising event, or by making a donation. When you register, we'll send you a pack with all the help and tips you'll need to make it as easy as possible. Collectively, we hope to raise £80,000, in support of our nurses who travel 80,000 miles across North Devon each year to provide care at home for local patients.

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£30 if you sign up before the early-bird deal expires on 31st July

IMPORTANT: If you are entering a team, and want to all run together, all team members must be registered individually. Please then email with your team name and the names of all team members - you will all then be given the same start time on the day.
Unfortunately we are unable to offer a refund, transfer or deferral on registrations.

Make sure you tick the box to say you would like a Mission:Unbreakable t-shirt when you sign up. Not only can you collect it and wear it on the day, but this t-shirt is your badge of honour, letting people know you've conquered North Devon's toughest challenge. T-shirts are not available to buy on the day, so please make sure you order yours when signing up today. 

Raising sponsorship:
Mission:Unbreakable is a sponsored event, where all funds raised by those taking part go to North Devon Hospice. Set up an online giving page using this link to Virgin Money Giving. (Please note, we recommend using Virgin Money Giving over Just Giving, simply because Virgin charge far lower fees to the charity). There is a suggested minimum target of £50, and every pound raised from Mission:Unbreakable will help North Devon Hospice care for local people right here in your local community. We are hoping to raise £80,000 to help our nursing teams, who travel 80,000 miles every year, to provide care at home for our patients. Here is a sponsor form and some fundraising tips to help you out too!

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The obstacles:
Check out some of the obstacles awaiting you. This isn't the full list, it's just to give you a taster of what's in store! Don't forget, none of these will be compulsory, but we're sure you will want to push yourself and tackle everything put in your way...

Commando Warm Ups  COMMANDO WARM UP

Get the blood pumping and prepare your body for the immense task that lies ahead. The warm up will be led by Commandos from RMB Chivenor, who will put you through your paces!

Planks And Tyres  MINEFIELD HOP

A leg-draining minefield of tyres for you to hop through

 Riverrush  RIVER RUSH

This is a wade through waist-deep water. It'll be cold, it'll be slippery and you will be running up stream!

 Tunnerl Trouble  TUNNEL TROUBLE

Crawling through a low tunnel, against the tide of a river coming in the other direction!


The autumn rain (plus a farmer's tractor!) will have made this stretch of bog especially thick and muddy. Your job is to crawl through it, underneath the barbed wire of course!

 Haybale Pyramid  BALE OUT

4 stories of hay bales, towering into the sky, ready for you to drag your aching limbs over. A test for your weary legs.

 Stakes And Beam  UNDER & OVER

Simple. Haul your body over the high logs, then drop and roll under the low ones.

 Monkey Climb  HANG TOUGH

When your hands are cold and your arms are sore, you'll be asked to engage your upper body strength and shimmy across our monkey bars. Watch out for the muddy landing below!

 Haybale Hurdles  HAY HURDLES

These hurdles come thick and fast. And at 4ft high, there is no way you'll be able to clean jump over these hay bales. They just keep coming and coming.

  Fire Run  INFERNO

Just in case you get too cold, we thought you might like to run through some fire to warm up! Aren't we nice!

 Water Slide  ASSAULT SLIDE 

A 40m plunge down a steep field will wake you up if you're feeling lethargic!

 Marsh Mudder  MARSH MUDDER

A trek through the knee-deep marsh land. A true energy-sapper when you least need it. Whatever you do, don't lose your shoe!

 Log Loader  LOG LOADER

Like Atlas, you must carry the weight of the world (or at least a huge log) on your shoulders. Carry it the required distance before you can continue, you might want teammates to help you!


Face your fear and pass through our underwater tunnel. Take a deep breath and trust the Commandos to pull you through the other side.

 Hillside Heartbreaker  EARN YOUR STRIPES

A true test of mettle. Scramble to the top of a steep 100-metre slope where a Commando will be waiting to give you one stripe of face paint. Repeat three times to earn your full three stripes and continue the course.

 Commando Jump  COMMANDO JUMP

A true leap of faith. Like your parachuting military guides for the day, you'll need to jump from our platform, aiming for the safety of the crash mat below. Listen as they teach you to drop and roll to absorb the impact.

 Netting Nasty  RANGER CLIMB

With every rung of this wall of netting, you will feel like you are taking one step forward and one step back. Don't lose your footing and remember to keep using your leg muscles.

 Ring The Bell  RING THE BELL

Ringing a bell is easy. It just so happens that our bell is located at the top of a rope that you will have to climb.


They say that an ice bath helps muscle recovery. So the final challenge will be to wade through chest-high water and ice. It's for your own benefit, believe us!