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Show your support for local people in their hour of need by making a donation here. Your contribution will provide vital care to people right here in North Devon. Thank you. 

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Mission: Unbreakable


At a glance

Bigger course, tougher challenge. Take on the commando adventure.


Start: Sunday, October 15, 2023 / 09:00

End: Sunday, October 15, 2023 / 16:00


North Molton Sports Ground, EX36 3HG

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Anyone 18+


£45. Choose to raise £60 sponsorship or donate £60 at registration. (Please note: registration now closed for 2023)

Mission: Unbreakable sponsors 2023

Please support our fantastic sponsors: Wollens, Griffiths, Simpkins Edwards, Atlas Packaging,, Torch Vets, Trees for Good Causes, EweMove Estate Agents, Advanced Scaffolding, Pure Dental, Stannp, North Molton Sports Club, TP Pumps and dryrobe



Mission:Unbreakable is a commando course filled with tough challenges and obstacles. Scale heights, take a leap of faith, and tackle mud, fire, water and ice to call yourself an 'Unbreakable.'

Think this is your typical 'mud run' obstacle course? Think again! We've got the experts, the best in the business. Our 10km course is designed with 2 4 Commando Royal Engineer Regiment based at RMB Chivenor, who will also be there to encourage you on the day. 

So ditch your comfort zone, to keep hospice patients comfortable at home. By taking part, you'll be giving a lifeline of care to people facing the toughest time of their lives, helping them receive hospice care in the comfort of their own home.
T-shirt, headband AND sweatbands for just £18!

Mission Unbreakable t-shirts 2023
Mission Unbreakable headband and sweatbands


Push yourselves outside of your comfort zone to help us keep patients comfortable at home. Grab your colleagues and sign up for the ultimate 10k team-building challenge, knowing that every step you take is raising vital funds for local patients and their families.

This year, kindly sponsored by headline sponsors Wollens, we are excited to launch the brand new Corporate Challenge Award!

This award will only be presented to the business who raises the most money during this challenge. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on our highly-sought after Commando dagger to proudly display in your offices…and of course, your team will earn bragging rights for the next year, after which you can come back to defend your title!

How will you tell how much we have raised?

Once you and your team have completed Mission: Unbreakable 2023, you will need to contact to let us know the total amount your team has raised, by Monday 23rd October 2023.

Please ensure you all register as individuals, and choose the same platoon.

Don't forget to include your business name when signing up so we know you’re all in the same team to qualify!




Check out our facebook photo albums page for lots of Mission:Unbreakable inspiration from the last five years. You can also see lots of videos from the event on our YouTube channel.


Raising Money

Mission: Unbreakable is a sponsored challenge, where the vital funds you raise will help our Hospice to Home team cope with the rise in demand for their vital care.

By signing up you commit to raise £60, the cost of a Hospice to Home visit which is a shining light in the life of someone facing a life-limiting illness like cancer. Your efforts will help a patient stay in the comfort of their own home during their final days.

There are two easy ways to raise vital funds:

1) Raise at least £60 sponsorship from family and friends. Set up a Just Giving page and share the link with everyone you know on social media, email and WhatsApp, then add a link to your bios and stories. (You can also Download a paper sponsor form here to pass round your friends in the office or pub)

2) Make a £60 donation at checkout when registering (along with your £35 registration fee). This means you don't have to raise any sponsorship and we won't ask any more of you. 

Mission:Unbreakable is only one-third of the price of Tough Mudder, AND you're supporting local people at the end of their lives. That's pretty awesome.


Team work
This is not a race. It's about helping each other and completing the course together, as a team. We're delighted to announce this year you can create your own team at registration. Then, you can share the link or the team name with your mates, so they can join your team too and start together. 

None of the obstacles are compulsory, but as this is a day to push your limits, we're sure you'll want to have a really good crack at everything put in front of you. It's such an amazing experience that you will want some great photos of the day.


Your Motivation

No-one should have to die alone or in pain. But the demand for hospice care is rising, and donations to the charity are falling as everyone feels the economic squeeze. So your support is needed to make sure we can reach everyone in North Devon who needs us.

Our focus right now is keeping patients and families together, caring for them in the comfort of their own home. No-one wants to be in hospital or a care home if they don't have to be. So your support can help our Hospice to Home team be there for patients, keeping them comfortable and pain-free.


Get your Mission:Unbreakable technical t-shirt when you register. T-shirt sales will not be available on the day, so make sure you get yours when you register! This is the must-have memento, hard-earned proof that you have tackled one of the toughest challenges out there! 


Mission Unbreakable Obstacles

Bigger course, tougher challenge. In 2023, there will be more obstacles than EVER before! So if you've done Mission:Unbreakable and think you know what's all about... Think again!

Check out some of the obstacles awaiting you. This isn't the full list, but it gives you a taster of what's in store! Don't forget, none of these will be compulsory, but we're sure you will want to push yourself and tackle everything put in your way...

Commando Warm Up  COMMANDO WARM UP

Get the blood pumping and prepare your body for the immense task that lies ahead. The warm up will be led by Commandos from RMB Chivenor, who will put you through your paces!

Minefield Hop  MINEFIELD HOP

A leg-draining minefield of tyres for you to hop through

 River Rush  RIVER RUSH

This is a wade through waist-deep water. It'll be cold, it'll be slippery and you will be running up stream!

 Tunnel Trouble  TUNNEL TROUBLE

Crawling through a low tunnel, against the tide of a river coming in the other direction!

 Mud Crawl Madness  MUD CRAWL MADNESS

The autumn rain (plus a farmer's tractor!) will have made this stretch of bog especially thick and muddy. Your job is to crawl through it, underneath the barbed wire of course!

 Hero Carry  HERO CARRY

Carry a wounded soldier to safety on your sturdy shoulders (or for as long as you can before you drop them!)

 Cammo Net Crawl  CAMMO NET CRAWL

Drop to the floor soldier! Time to stay low and out of sight.

 Hang Tough  HANG TOUGH

When your hands are cold and your arms are sore, you'll be asked to engage your upper body strength and shimmy across our monkey bars. Watch out for the muddy landing below!

 Flipping Heck  FLIPPING HECK

The commandos will make you flip these huge tractor tyres at least three times before passing

  Infernp  INFERNO

Just in case you get too cold, we thought you might like to run through some fire to warm up! Aren't we nice!

 Assault Slide  ASSAULT SLIDE 

A 40m plunge down a steep field will wake you up if you're feeling lethargic!

 Marsh Mudder  MARSH MUDDER

A trek through the knee-deep marsh land. A true energy-sapper when you least need it. Whatever you do, don't lose your shoe!

 Log Loader  LOG LOADER

Like Atlas, you must carry the weight of the world (or at least a huge log) on your shoulders. Carry it the required distance before you can continue, you might want teammates to help you!

 Sheep Dip  SHEEP DIP

Face your fear and pass through our underwater tunnel. Take a deep breath and trust the Commandos to pull you through the other side.

 Earn Your Stripes  EARN YOUR STRIPES

A true test of mettle. Scramble to the top of a steep 100-metre slope where a Commando will be waiting to give you one stripe of face paint. Repeat three times to earn your full three stripes and continue the course.

 Commando Jump  COMMANDO JUMP

A true leap of faith. Like your parachuting military guides for the day, you'll need to jump from our platform, aiming for the safety of the crash mat below. Listen as they teach you to drop and roll to absorb the impact.

 Ranger Climb  RANGER CLIMB

With every rung of this wall of netting, you will feel like you are taking one step forward and one step back. Don't lose your footing and remember to keep using your leg muscles.

 Ring The Bell  RING THE BELL

Ringing a bell is easy. It just so happens that our bell is located at the top of a rope that you will have to climb.

 Freezing Private Ryan  FREEZING PRIVATE RYAN

They say that an ice bath helps muscle recovery. So the final challenge will be to wade through chest-high water and ice. It's for your own benefit, believe us!


Mission Unbreakable your saftey

Your safety is paramount to us but rest assured, we will do everything possible to ensure you have a fantastic Mission:Unbreakable experience.


Mission Unbreakable Sponsors

If you would like to have your business associated with Mission:Unbreakable 2023 then please contact Claire, our Business Relationship Manager, for more information about our range of sponsorship packages. Call 01271 347232 or email

 Mission: Unbreakable sponsors 2023

So grateful to sponsors Wollens, Griffiths, Simpkins Edwards, Atlas Packaging,, Torch Vets, Trees for Good Causes, EweMove Estate Agents, Advanced Scaffolding, Pure Dental, Stannp, North Molton Sports Club, TP Pumps and dryrobe

Terms & Conditions

By signing up you pledge to raise sponsorship or make a donation of at least £60.00 in addition to your registration fee. Your sponsorship or donation £60.00 will support patients and their families in our care.

Please note that we cannot administer refunds, transfers or swaps after the 1st October 2023. 

In the event of cancellation of the event, all places will be deferred to the rearranged date or to the event in 2024. All t-shirt orders will be honoured in the event of cancelation.

No-one may participate in the event without signing the official waver.

All obstacles are voluntary and participants participate at their own risk.

By signing up you agree to be photographed and videoed in participation at the event, and for those media to be disseminated by the hospice as needed for promotional purposes.


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