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At the Moment

At the Moment


What is at the moment?  

‘At the Moment’ is a group for bereaved families in which we use art-based activities and drawing games to have fun, share experiences and offer a space for children and adults together to reflect on the events in their family.

We usually meet for 2½ hours once a week, after school, for 8 weeks. Although it’s not the same as doing activities with a group of people, who are in a similar situation, we’re going to be posting here some of the activities we run in these groups so that you can do them at home - with your children or grandchildren, or whoever you are at home with at the moment.

If you are joining us here online, maybe you’d like to start each session as we usually do, with a drink - a cup of tea, some juice, hot chocolate - and a snack of some sort (we get through a lot of toast and quite a few bananas!)

What will you need?     

  • paper (anything will do, including opened out cereal boxes)
  • pencils or pens (or both) to draw with
  • paint if possible and maybe coloured pencils or felt tips or crayons
  • magazines
  • scissors

What happens in each session?

Well, as we said above, we start with a drink and a snack. Then, each session, people take about 15 minutes to do an exercise we call Me Today. This is a quick drawing showing a snapshot of how you are feeling today, on a small piece of paper.

After Me Today, we have lots of different games, 2 or 3 in each session, usually a couple of quick ones and one longer activity which will take more concentration. You can see examples of what people have done in the gallery on each exercise page – but please remember there are thousands of ways of doing each activity, so let yourself do whatever you want to, whatever you feel like.

If you would like to send us some of the things you have done, please email them to , we would love to see them! Please let us know if you’d be happy for us to post them in the gallery.

Choose from any of the below sessions (where full instructions are provided) and enjoy! 

Our new One Day at a Time Facebook Group is exclusively for people that North Devon Hospice are currently supporting. If you would like to join CLICK HERE or you can find the group by visiting the North Devon Hospice Facebook page.