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Wax Scratch

Wax Scratch


Wax Scratch

Scratch out a picture to reveal the colours below – surprising and revelatory!

You will need:

  • a sheet of paper , any size, really but preferably smooth and quite thick cartridge
  • wax crayons or oil pastels – a mixture of colours but certainly one very dark one
  • some kind of ‘pointy’ tool (a toothpick, a paperclip, a teaspoon, a sharp stick)

Cover the paper completely with fairly bright and/or light colour. Then cover all this colour with a dark colour (black works perfectly)

Use a tool then to scrape away the top layer of dark colour – drawing some kind of picture or image – abstract or not – so that the colour underneath is revealed.

This activity is a revelation type of activity – you’re revealing something underneath; the effects can be surprising, beautiful, strange (and it’s good fun to do!).