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In the Making Anthology

In the Making Anthology

An archive of the things our hands and hearts have been involved in over the last few months

Follow the links below to see some of the previous images and collections from our ITM community.

In the Making

Space to lose yourself in 'doing'; creating, playing and generally fiddling around with stuff!

Our journey started with the 'here and now folk', figures created using bits of stuff we found around our homes or by drawing. These simple folk with their arms outstretched, holding each other's hands, felt like they really signified what we all needed at this time - a feeling of doing something together, of being together when we couldn't be together.

To see them click here


The original idea of the ‘here and now folk’ came from a desire to connect, to reach out, and to hold hands. As the year passed, this feeling didn’t change: Things remained strange and uncertain, and it felt important to have some space to get lost in the ‘doing’, to have our hands moving, doing something mindful and different from the everyday.
We invited you again to gather some bits and pieces from around your home, or from excursions out into the outdoors, and allow yourself time to play, to create, or maybe to simply shift stuff about on your table top and see what emerges.


Some mystical creatures appeared, to see them click here!


As the days began to lengthen we began to notice the light. It was changing, becoming more intense, more beautiful. You shared some photos that captured your light. Sometimes at day-break, sometimes as the evening fell, some from this spring, others from times past. 

To see the light captured click here.

As the light developed so did the shadows... click here to see how we played with this.


As the months moved on and changed, so did our theme.

We moved from light to music, and started thinking about our music of the moment.   and the power of music .

Then we went to the movies, specifically the soundtracks connected to our favourite films.  Click here to join us, and our ears, at the cinema.

Autumn came and we lost ourselves in circles and cycles. Read the page here.