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Hand Massage March 2021

Hand Massage March 2021
Hand massage is a great way of taking some time for you at the end of each day, to relax and relieve those achy joints. Whether you have been working all day on the computer or creating beautiful art work, our fingers and hands often miss out on a moment of care. At this time of year many of us suffer from dry or broken skin from the cold, so here is your chance, to pamper them.

You can start by finding a good moisturizing cream or lotion, it can be the expensive hand cream Aunt May gave you for Christmas or a prescribed cream such as E45 or Double base, they will all do the same thing, moisturize your skin and prevent any friction during the massage, this could lead to bruising.
So set yourself up in a comfortable chair, warm and relaxed, maybe have a infuser burning to fragrance the air and your favorite music you relax to…maybe not the heavy metal for this.

Start by coating your left hand in lotion or cream and simply follow the simple five steps, in the attached guide.  Remember there is no rush, enjoy the process, breathe deeply and slowly, take in the fragrance of the lotion and take time to really feel, your skin, the muscle beneath and the release of the days tension.

The easy steps outlined can also be used when giving a hand massage to another, remembering to keep the movements slow, with gentle pressure.  Us extra care when they are taking heart medication, very light pressure is needed due to a higher risk of bruising.

Over all take some time for you, pamper your hands and take a breath.

Mandy B
x x x

Please click here to view hand massage powerpoint presentation