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Reflexology August 2021

Reflexology August 2021



This month I wanted to share with you this wonderful therapy, it is by far my favourite therapy to give to clients and to receive myself. The deep feeling of relaxation it gives is just one of many benefits it can bring, but for many of you I can hear you ask… What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a therapy in which pressure is applied to reflex points on the hands, feet and also ears. It is based on the principle that these reflex points are related to the internal organs and glands, and are laid out in the same arrangement as that in the physical body, forming a ‘map’ of it. Pressure or palpation on a reflex point can therefore affect these structures. This therapy helps stimulate the normal function of the organ involved and thus aims to restore the body’s natural equilibrium, relieve tension and aid in restoring natural energies.

The roots of reflexology are found in many different cultures, from the tombs of Ancient Egypt to the earliest texts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ancient techniques of pressure to relieve pain were widely used in earlier times, although the supposition that reflexology as we know it dates back to ancient times, and that it was one of the secrets of the Chinese and Egyptians, has never been proven. 

The precise techniques of modern reflexology can be traced back to research on nervous reflex actions over a 100 years ago. It was based on discoveries made in Europe and America during the late 1800s relating to the mechanics of reflex action within the nervous system. Doctors and scientists at that time began to study abnormal foot reflexes that were not present in healthy individuals, these were found to indicate damage, illness or disease.  Reflexology as it is now practiced has developed into a precise technique of palpation and pressure that is far removed from its early simplistic beginnings.  Research by neuroscientists, has revealed how nervous fibres and brain pathways are stimulated by physical methods and in depth research into the clinical effectiveness has been carried out around the world.

The basic premise of reflexology is that the stimulation applied somehow acts to clear nervous and tissue congestion, removing toxins from them and encouraging the body’s own innate healing ability. By applying gentle pressure in a practiced routine to reflex points, can bring a great sense of relaxation and gently stimulate the body system of that point.   By looking at the above image you can see that the soles of the feet mirror our internal organs and systems.  When I give a therapy I was taught the Laura Norman technique, we start at the top of the foot, releasing any tension from the head, neck and shoulders, this allows you to fully relax, close your eyes and drift, while I work down the foot and gently ease the remaining areas.  The process involves lots of gentle stroking, small circles of pressure and needing, there should never be any pain but on occasions certain areas can feel tender. These points can indicate to the therapist that there is tension or a build-up in toxins, which can be gently released by further pressure to that point.  Throughout the whole session you should feel supported and held, relaxed and comforted.  Along with the reflexology I also like to introduce some simple aromatherapy, by using natural bees wax that has been blended with beautiful essential oils, leaving your feet feeling soft and smelling lovely.

Reflexology can be a powerful therapy for some and can be left feeling overly tired, experience a headache or mild feelings of nausea, where others feel no effects at all, this is completely normal, our body reacts uniquely and no one person is the same. Often a few days after treatment people begin to feel they have more energy, sleeping better at night or their level of pain is less,  this is due to the body realising the built up tension or toxins, bring a natural balance back. Reflexology can be used to help with many symptoms such as; pain, nausea, poor appetite, poor sleep patterns, stress and fatigue are but a few I can name.   Reflexology is often given over a course of appointments but also as a one off.

It is not only the feet that have reflex points, our hands also mirror our internal organs and systems. Why not try it for yourself the next time you have a headache, pinch the web of skin between your thumb and forefinger, hole for 30 seconds and realise, repeat up to 5 times and then gently massage around the base of your thumb, do this on both hands.  This simple action can help realise tension in our neck which is often the cause of headaches, give it a try J

I hope this information has helped you understand a bit more about the wonders of Reflexology.


Much love