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Sleep Support May 2021

Sleep Support May 2021

Our Sleep…..


The pandemic has been a very stressful and anxious time for us all and has no doubt impacted everybody’s quality of sleep at one point or another.


The power of sleep should not be underestimated, our bodies need it just as much as air and food in order to function properly. It is while we sleep that the body heals, restores its chemical balance and the brain forges new thought connections and memories. Studies have shown that a good night’s sleep can help to support our immune system, regulate our weight and boost mental health. (NHS 2018).

Conversely, getting less than seven or eight hours of sleep on a regular basis can lead to health consequences that affect us on a physical, mental and emotional level, (NHS 2018).


Noticeable signs of sleep deprivation can include;

  • Excessive Sleepiness
  • Frequent yawning
  • Daytime Fatigue
  • Digestive problems
  • Irritability and lots more.


So what can we do to improve our sleep patterns? Where do we start?

First start by looking at your daily routine and patterns of behaviour in the latter half of the day.

Changing simple things can really help such as;

  • Eating too close to bedtime or unhealthy diet. Try and eat 3-4 hours before bed, this gives the digestive system time to settle before you relax into sleep. Unhealthy diets, often contain large amounts of sugar/caffeine, this will boost the body with energy and leave you unable to get to sleep.
  • Try to avoid caffeine 2-3 hours before bed, choosing water or decaf herbal tea, to help relax and calm your mind.
  • Avoid high alcohol consumption.
  • Try to arrange your bedroom so it is free of clutter, not too hot and has aired properly. Try and start a nightly routine that will gently allow you to unwind, relax and be calm before bed. So swop the horror film for a relaxing book, gentle music and a bath.
  • Reduce your exposure to IPads, tablets or phones for 1-2 hours before bed. As the blue light these devices expose you to, stimulates the brain and will often prevent you from falling asleep.

By looking at our nightly routines and introducing some simple essential oils, we can hopefully improve our sleep quality.

Aromatherapy often gets over looked as an intervention to encourage and promote good sleep. Essential oils are fairly inexpensive and easy to introduce to a nightly routine, and with an array of essential oils that can help a person to relax, mentally and physically, there are plenty to choose from.

Using aromatherapy can make it easier for you to fall asleep, stay asleep and sleep more soundly.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

The most commonly known and used essential oil, the often go to oil when sleep problems occur. But Lavender is also a great pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and also used to relieve cramp.  Studies using Lavender oil as a sleep aid show great improvement in sleep and also fewer trips to the toilet during the night (Azri at al 2010).

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)

Bergamot essential oil has a beautiful, citrusy aroma, the oil is uplifting, calming and very good for a range of skin problems including eczema.  Bergamot contains all the same constituents as Lavender, making it anti-stress, anti-anxiety and good for helping promote sleep.

Ylang ylang (Cananga odorata)

Ylang ylang is an essential oil distilled from the plants beautiful creamy yellow blossoms. The oil can reduce anxiety, bring calm and relaxation.

Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)

Apart from its pleasantly sweet and floral aroma, geranium essential oil is excellent as an aid to help ease stress and insomnia.


How to use these wonderful oils;

Safety note; If you have particularly sensitive skin, a history of allergies, are taking medication or you are pregnant, speak to a professional before using essential oils. Never ingest oils or apply neat(undiluted) essential oil to the skin.

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways from oils massaged into the skin, added to bath water or as a vapor into the air. Here are some ideas;

Relaxing Vaporiser Blend

4ml Lavender

2ml Ylang Ylang

2ml Bergamot

Blend these together in a small bottle with a dropper lid. Use around eight drops in a vaporizer or oil burner a couple hours before bed. Take care when using naked flames and ensure flame is fully extinguished before bed.


Sleep Bath Foam

100ml Bath Foam (Choose unscented or a mild bath cream such as Dove)

15 drops of Lavender

15 drops of Geranium

15 drops of Ylang ylang

15 drops of Bergamot

Mix the bath cream with the essential oils in a mixing bowl, then transfer to a bottle(200ml) with a pump top. Use two to five pumps in each bath and soak for twenty minutes. Alternatively, use 5 drops of each oil and dilute into 100mls of full fat milk, mix and add to the bath water. Relax and enjoy.


Night Cream

100ml Moisturiser cream (use an unscented or mild product)

8 drops of Lavender

8 drops of Geranium

7 drops of Ylang ylang

7 drops of Bergamot

Mix the cream and essential oils in bowl and transfer to a 100ml jar with a lid. Use every evening before bed, massaged into the skin. Avoid eye area.

(Penny Price, 2021)

With all these blends ensure they are stored in a cool, dark cupboard away from children, (bathroom cabinet) and use within 1 month of blending.


Essential oils and relating products can be sourced from various suppliers, always ensure the oil is 100% pure and not blended. Locally you can get oils from Pharmacists such as Boots or health food shops like Holland & Barratt. Trusted online suppliers you can use are, or


I hope these ideas help in you gaining a better and longer sleep each night.

Have a try at using some oils and if you need any help or advice just contact me.


much love