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In the Making

In the Making

The idea of the ‘Here and Now Folk’ came from a desire to connect, to reach out, to hold hands.  We wanted everyone to be able to join in, to be able to use whatever we each have to hand – right here and now.  This sparked a sense of fun and freedom which we would like to invite you to share. It feels really good at the moment to have the opportunity to get lost in the making.

To take part all you need is a white background, some stuff you’ve found around your house, and a way of taking a photo.  Your 'folk' need to have their arms reaching out sideways, and please make sure when you take a photo that the entire background is white.  So the community of 'folk' can grow please email your photos to us ( or share them on our Facebook group. Please do send as many folk as you like and as often as you like.

If you’d like to send words, messages or comments with your folk please do!  

To view everyone's folk so far, please click here.