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Music of the moment

In the Making

If you picked a piece of music to listen to right now what would it be?

If I asked you to choose a track to listen to right this minute what would you chose?
You might choose to listen to a track to reflect how you feel at this moment.
You might opt for something to lift your mood or energy if you are feeling down or tired.
Maybe you want to be taken somewhere else - somewhere you have been, or somewhere in your imagination.
Perhaps you want to think about a certain person, or a time of your life.

The power of music is amazing, and we often ‘use’ it without consciously knowing what we are doing.  As part of reflecting on my own tracks of the moment, I have been wondering what my own choices of music are all about.  It got me wondering what research says about the power of music…

So, the word is that music can have a really positive impact on how we feel: Research generally emphasises a huge number of positive benefits we might get from sticking on some music.
It seems music can help us; relax our mind, energise our body, manage pain, improve our thinking, reduce stress, improve memory, help us sleep, increase motivation, lift our mood, and even help us to eat less!!  Personally I have also experienced how music can bring a group – big or small – together in a way that little else does. 

So next time you pop on a track it might be interesting to see if you know why you have picked that song - and how it will make you feel.
If you’d like to share your track – and maybe what it gives you, or your thoughts on the types of music that offers some of the benefits listed, then please do at our Facebook page (link at the bottom of the page).  Maybe starting that conversation will bring some more of us together through our tracks.

"where words leave off, music begins"...

For those of you interested in finding out more these web pages might be interesting, and

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