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Mindfulness with Miranda

Mindfulness with Miranda

Mindfulness is about learning to pay affectionate and wise attention to everything you experience in the present moment.



Your attention is affectionate and wise because you are not judging yourself and what you are experiencing; you are just gently noticing it and not trying to change it.

You don’t have to try or use your thinking to be aware; awareness ‘knows’ without thought or effort. It doesn’t judge – it simply ‘is’.

Mindfulness is about learning to inhabit this awareness itself. We can remember how to live from there – we can find our way home to our own presence and live in that.

Please enjoy the Mindfulness practices provided in this section. Select below from 'being aware of your breath', 'mindful body scan meditation', or 'you are silence itself'.  Along with them we have some poems that are full of an invitation to be quiet and rest mindfully in silence and in nature - if you'd like to listen to, or read, more poems follow the related pages link to Between the Lines.

  • In Mindfulness sessions, we take a scroll each time, with different thoughts or words for us to consider. On this page we will feature a different scroll each week for you to contemplate.



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