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For this activity, you’ll need some pieces of paper (A5? A4? A3 if you want a big one) and some ink or quite liquid-y paint (a few different colours should do). Once you’ve done the wet bit, let your paint or ink dry and then have some pens or pencils or felt tips to hand for the next part.


  1. Fold a piece of paper in half and then open it out again. (this means you’ll have a crease down the middle of the page)
  2. Drop a few drops of different coloured paints onto ONE side of the paper


  1. Fold the paper over again so that the blank side squishes up against the side with paint on
  2. Open – and leave the ‘blot’ to dry

Now start playing with it – see what it makes you think of and make it into that by drawing/pencilling things onto the blot Improvise – draw features, add colours, add detail