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Tips for wellbeing

Tips for wellbeing

Boosting your immune system as winter approaches

In this video Mandy, from the Supportive Care team, talks about the little changes we can Mae to boost our immune system and feel healthier in the autumn and winter months...

Boosting our immunity as winter approaches from NorthDevonHospice on Vimeo.



Staying upbeat when staying at home

From Judy, from the Bedded Unit Complementary Therapy Team:  “Stuck indoors you miss the sounds and smells that help us relax, so sitting by an open window, listening to birdsong and having a floral fragrance nearby impacts on the senses and soothes the mind” 

Sarah, from the Complementary Therapy team based at our Holsworthy outreach centre The Long House, has her own page on her website entitled “Thinking outside the box” for tips on coping during the current situation

Nicola The Longhouse Team says “Listen to some upbeat music if feeling low or watch a favourite funny programme or film. Try not to listen to the news constantly, limit it to once a day”

“If you have a particular time of day when you seem to feel at your lowest, plan something nice to do at that time to boost your mood. It might be arranging to call a friend or family member, watch something you enjoy on TV or do a puzzle, plan a walk or have a cup of tea in the garden”